Cotton Washable Microfiber Face Mask

Heather Grey

Cotton Washable Microfiber Filtration Face Mask

-100% Cotton Washable Microfiber Filtration face mask. No replaceable filter needed.
-Dust collection efficiency of 98% or more.
-Can be washed up to 20 times.
-Can be worn 8 consecutive weeks with 2 washes per week.
-Mask is pending patent and only available among select vendors in the USA.
-High Durable Microfiber Filtration face mask made of 100% cotton
-Function: blocking harmful substances, blocking fine water droplets, minimizing skin irritation, washable
Fabric 100% Cotton

This is also a favorite of mine. I wear it when I work at my store. It is very easy to talk in and people have told me its much easier to hear me, my voice is not muffled.

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